Some Ideas on the Best Water Filter Pitcher that You Need to See

Best Water Filter Pitcher 12The most important idea that you need to firstly see is about how important drinking enough water is. We do need to consume enough water that helps our digestion. In addition, water also helps the liver in getting rid of some toxins. It is also important to understand that enough drinking water makes our skin healthier. But in fact, some of us may not drink enough water because they found the water has strange tastes. The tastes are caused by impurities. Water may contain some chemicals that can lead to some health problems. That is why, water filter pitcher is needed.

The next idea to see is the fact about what is in the water. If you usually drink tap water, you need to see that there are over 300 chemicals and pollutants in the water. They can be volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), heavy metals, endocrine disrupting chemicals, fluoride, and many more. You should also consider that bottled water may be similar to tap water because chemicals from the bottle can leech into the water. Then, the following ideas on the best water filter pitcher are must to see.

Water filter pitchers are designed to remove some contaminants in the water. The best water filter pitchers should be able to remove up to 99% contaminants, 75-80% fluoride, 99.6% chlorination byproducts and up to 95% chloramines. Besides this ability, you need also to consider the size. Make sure that it is suitable for you and family that you should not refill the water too many times. Some other considerations include the BPA, possible design for easy storage, and the reasonable price. In using the water filter, there are some easy to do steps to consider. First, you need to wash your hands. Then, it is important to soak the water filter in cold water for around 15 minutes. Rinse the filter under running tap water.