Tips for Water Softener Maintenance

water softener maintenanceRead this tips for water softener maintenance that will extend your water softener life. The first is check your salt level. Salt is the most important elements for softening water process because it regenerates resin beads and soften it. Add salt regularly based on the instruction manual. Each system has different amount for salt requirement. It is best to keep the salt in half full and add new salt when it is under half-full level. Useful tips from apply the appropriate salt type that provided by your manufacture guide, whether it will be tablet, granular or block salt.

The most important from water softener maintenance is takes scheduled inspection. Check the system every 2-3 month and check for solid build up salt in water softener brine tank. The bridging solid build-up salt makes salt not come into water contact and stop the resin beads in regenerating process that makes there is no water softening supply. Break up the salt bridges by fix it use long handle. Once the bridge salt occurs, this will continually occur and happen in much faster rate. Therefore, you need to clean and fix it as soon as you find it. If your area is highly humid, it is important for keeping salt level in lower and refills it often. The warm and close condition can contribute for salt bridge form; therefore, you need to inspect it often.

Clean your brine tank, that usually need to be done every 6-12 month depend the age and condition from brine tank. It is good idea to take inspection every 4 month for empty, drain and clean it annually. You can use Iron-out once a year for water softener maintenance that use for cleaning your resin bed and any parts of control valve. Ensure that your softener drain line not pushed down into floor drain. Your softener end drain line should locate beyond the grate drain to prevent any accidental sewage siphoning into water softener.