Best Portable Massage Reviews to Help You Out

best portable massage table 03Massage therapy is gaining its popularity currently. This becomes a good business that massage services are now not only offered by masseuses, but also provided by sophisticated massage chair. However, the chairs are typically in a huge size completed with arms and footboard or recliner. They do not meet the need of massage when one loves traveling from a place to the other place. Until portable massage chair as at massagechairdivas is introduced.

The following best portable massage table reviews are for those who need to keep the massage chair in touch. The first option comes to the Master Massage Professional. It weighs only 16.5 pounds and can be easily ported. This light in weight chair can support 1200 pounds. It is supported with the aluminum frame and the comfortable cell foam. It also features a pouch to keep some of your stuff. Cushion benefits you with comfortable knee support. The next option is the Premium BestMassage. It is equipped with ultra soft PU surface and adjustable seat that make you feel comfort. This portable massage chair can support 700 lb static and 300 lb in working. It weight heavier than the Master Massage Professional with its 25 pounds. The foldable design enables it kept in back seat of a sedan.

Earthlite Vortex is famous for its innovative oval tube. Aluminum frame makes it light in weight with only 15 pounds. It works with 300 pounds in working. The more interesting is that the lifetime warranty for the construction and 2 year warranty for the cushion. There abuilt weighs 18.5 pounds and work with 250 pounds. Adjustable face cradle and the three month warranty are the other reasons to have this. Moreover, the frame is made of metal that guarantees strength and sturdiness. The last, Earthlite Avila II features telescoping handle and made of nylon wheel. Supported with three levers, it feels comfortable to work with up to 350 lbs.